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Events from 3 March, 2015

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  • 11th March, 2015

    Comrade Mallarmé?

    The late-19th century poet Stéphane Mallarmé has been a privileged object of reflection for French intellectuals. This seminar led by Robert Boncardo from the University of Sydney will sketch the main interpretative positions that have been taken up on the political significance of the his work, and will explain why one question in particular has persistently troubled the above-mentioned French thinkers: namely, is Mallarmé camarade Mallarmé, or not?​

  • 15th March, 2015

    Self-translation and life-writing on Childhood

     Nathalie Camerlynck, the University of Sydney

  • 19th March, 2015
    12:30 - 2:30pm

    Film forum 'Loin des Hommes' | Alliance Française French Film Festival lunchtime series

    As part of the Alliance Française French Film Festival Le Rendez-vous lunchtime series, French Department staff members Dr Michelle Royer, Dr Françoise Grauby, Dr Carolyn Stott and Mr Clément Extier discuss the film Loin des Hommes (David Oelhoffen, 2015) and Albert Camus’ short story on which the film is loosely based, L’Hôte.

  • 29th March, 2015