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Public Lecture: Professor Jean-Marie Roulin: "Migrations and revolutions: the paradoxes of return"

18 September, 2017
5 – 6:30pm

This lecture will address the issue of return in revolutionary context, as a paradoxical experience of “estrangement” in the face of the same. Revolutions bring about upheaval and migration flows. They lead to the return of those who have emigrated, from all sides, and also to cultural, social or political reconstruction. To approach this issue, it is critical to observe that the return home is the return to something else. The homecomers can never be what they were when they left; neither home remains the same: they return to the sameness and the otherness at once.

In particular, the French revolution led to substantial migratory movements, which continued during the Empire. Progressively, these migrants returned between the Revolutionary years themselves and the Restoration (1815-1830). These returns were decisive moments in the construction of post-revolutionary France, to the extent that returning to revolutionised France became one of the main paradigms of social reconstitution, political reconstruction and aesthetic and intellectual renewal. Instead of focusing on exiles and migrations, we will thus discuss the way in which literature writes and thinks the paradoxical experience of ‘return’, a concept subsuming two further notions, repetition and reconstruction.

About the speaker

Jean-Marie Roulin holds a PhD from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and an Habilitation from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Having taught in Switzerland and the United States, he is now Professor of Literature at the University of Lyon (Saint-Étienne campus) and a member of the CNRS research team IHRIM. His research focuses on the literary and cultural history of the French Enlightenment and Romanticism.

He is the author of two books: Chateaubriand, l’exil et la gloire (Paris, 1994) and L’Épopée de Voltaire à Chateaubriand (Oxford, 2005), and the editor of numerous collections (most recently Masculinités en Révolution, 2013, and Les Romans de la Révolution. 1790-1912, 2014). He is currently preparing an edition of Benjamin Constant’s Journaux intimes (Gallimard, Folio Classique, in press).

Location: Kevin Lee Room, Level 6, Lobby H, The Quadrangle

Contact:Dr Françoise Grauby

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