Bienvenue! the department of French Studies where French has been taught since 1853.

Why study French?

Studying French (or any foreign language, for that matter) helps you to understand how language works and to develop a range of communicative, organizational, critical and creative skills that are transferable to other areas. Knowing another language opens up a whole new world of cultural experiences, and by doing so fosters cross-cultural understanding.

French Studies, as a major in an Arts Degree, is not a professional qualification, but being skilled in another language such as French is the foundation for professions such as interpreting, translating and teaching, as well as being a valuable asset to a career in business, administration, diplomacy or the tourism industry.

Former students have become diplomats, interpreters, translators, aid workers, festival and event managers, teachers, television presenters, lawyers, journalists, and publicists. In all these jobs, the ability to read and speak French and to understand the culture has been an advantage.

Travel in a foreign country is a much more rewarding experience when you can speak to local residents, make new friends and experience a different culture. For this reason, the Department of French Studies provides students interested in adding a global perspective to their degree with the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters at the most prestigious Francophone universities in France (e.g. Paris, Lyon, Grenoble), Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne) and Canada (Montreal and Ottawa). The Department of French Studies encourages students from the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced streams to incorporate an exchange semester into their degree; this life-changing experience provides a confidence booster and enhanced fluency in French, as well as exchange credit points that contribute to their degree. For students not able to spend a full semester overseas, there may be the opportunity to participate in an intensive short-term program with one of our exchange partners. International Exchange

The exchange experience is also an ideal time to start thinking about embarking on Honours in French Studies upon your return. It is a good opportunity to decide on a thesis topic and start your research. Honours

What is French Studies?

French is one of the most widely spoken European languages and a common second language amongst Australians from many different origins and backgrounds, who also appreciate the diversity of the French culture. To understand and appreciate a different culture in depth and to communicate with its members requires a thorough knowledge, which can only be achieved by learning the language in its cultural context.

We aim to give you as wide an experience as possible of different aspects of French Studies. While you develop fluency in the language you will increase your understanding of the Francophone culture and its people.

All units of study use authentic French language material and incorporate contemporary methods of teaching, including wide use of technology. Most classes are conducted in French. There are three language streams: Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners. Some cultural units of study give a broad overview of modern France, and others are more specific; senior students can select from areas such as linguistics, social sciences, literature, cinema, and Francophone studies.

We encourage you to consider majoring in French to further your career opportunities or to follow your passion. You can go on exchange to a Francophone country after 3 or 4 semesters of French study and have the subjects count towards your degree. Honours is available in French studies. Scholarships are available for both exchange and Honours.