Bienvenue! the department of French Studies where French has been taught since 1853.

Why study French?

Learning another language helps you understand how language works. Knowing another language opens up a whole new world of cultural experiences.

Travel in a foreign country is a much more rewarding experience when you can speak to local residents in their own language.

French Studies, as a major in an Arts degree, is not a professional qualification, but being competent in another language, such as French, is the basis for training in professions including interpreting, translating and teaching, as well as being a valuable skill in careers in business or administration and for the diplomatic service or the travel industry.

Former students have become diplomats, interpreters, translators, teachers, television presenters, lawyers, journalists, and publicists. In all these jobs, the ability to read and speak French and to understand the culture has stood them in good stead.

To apply for university study in French, you will need to contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

For specific application procedures contact University Admissions Centre.

Non-award courses
Students can apply to study single courses that are not counted towards a degree or other qualification. Visit the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for more information and application forms.

The Centre for Continuing Education is an affiliate of the University of Sydney and offers short courses for the general public in many different subject areas, including French.

What is French Studies?

The French language is one of the most widely spoken European languages and the most common second language amongst Australians from many different origins and backgrounds. French culture is diverse and pervades many aspects of our daily life. To understand and appreciate a different culture in depth and to communicate with its members requires a thorough knowledge, which can only be achieved by those who learn the language in its cultural context.

We aim to give you as wide an experience as possible of different aspects of French Studies. At the same time as developing fluency in your use of the language you will be increasing your understanding of the culture and its people.

All units of study use French language material and the most up-to-date methods of teaching, such as Computer Assisted Language Learning. Most classes are conducted in French. In the early years students can take units of study that give a broad overview of modern France. In later years they can select one of the four strands of specialisation:

  1. French Linguistics
  2. French Literature and Cinema
  3. French Society and Culture
  4. Francophone Studies

From second year, students wanting to further their studies in French are encouraged to take extra units of French or to study at Honours level. In addition, students in certain circumstances are able to take units of study in France, which count towards their Undergraduate degree.

Several scholarships are available annually, which make this possible. Visit the Scholarships office site for more information.