Department of French Studies

French is one of the major world languages. It is spoken as a first or second language by over 300 million people worldwide, and is an official language in 29 countries (la Francophonie). It is a key working language of the UN and the European Union, and is the language of many major literary, philosophical and political works both within and beyond the Western world.

French Studies provides access to this rich history and cultural diversity. Our graduates work in fields as diverse as international relations and trade, journalism, IT, teaching, law, medicine, the arts and entertainment industry as well as a range of international NGOs.

Whether you have no prior knowledge of French or have studied to advanced level in high school, the Department provides pathways to a French major, giving you the language and cultural expertise to become a global actor in today’s world.

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  • New opportunity for French students


    The applications for the 2017 Language Teaching Assistant Program in New Caledonia are open. Please click here for more information including the application form.

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