Research strengths

Staff in the Department of French Studies have expertise in a large number of research areas and are currently working on a range of specific research projects and publications. The Department also has strong interdisciplinary links with many research clusters across the School of Languages and Cultures, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the University, including: Medieval Studies; Comparative Literature; Modernity and the City; Islam and the West; and South-East Asian Studies

The Department has an annual program of research seminars which include University of Sydney staff, postgraduate students and visiting scholars from other Australian and international universities.

Research areas

  • Theatre and Cinema studies
  • Popular culture
  • European cinema
  • Contemporary French feminist discourse and theory
  • History of French feminism
  • Systemic functional Linguistics
  • French narrative and cultural history from the 17th century to the 20th century
  • Colonisation, decolonisation and the 'postcolonial' French-speaking world
  • Gay and lesbian studies
  • Sociology of literature and culture
  • Medieval French Literature and Art
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Discourse analysis
  • Translation studies

Current projects

  • Communications and National Identity in Early Modern France
  • THE BAUDIN LEGACY: A New History of the French Scientific Voyage to Australia (1800-1804)
  • Disclosing the Body: the autofiction and body art of Hervé Guibert
  • The Iconography of the Holy Grail in Medieval French Manuscripts
  • Analysing students’ attitudes towards their native and non-native speaking teachers
  • Exploring linguistic aspects of self-presentation in job interviews in French and Australasian-English
  • “What is a Muslim woman?” Global constructions and local experience in Australia, France, the Philippines and the Middle East
  • Experiences and perceptions of Muslim women in Australia: problematising the notions of “representation” and “authenticity”
  • European Socio-political cinema
  • A contrastive analysis of French and Australian journalistic texts
  • Translation of Michel Serres, Les cinq sens, Paris: Grasset, 1985
  • Representations of translators in French and English fiction