Coralie Ma

Coralie Ma

What degree are you enrolled in, and what is your major?
Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese and Chinese.

Where are you on exchange (Country/City/University)?
Japan, Tokyo, Waseda University.

What made you decide to apply for this exchange?
I've been studying Japanese for a while but have never really got a chance to use it, exchange gave me this opportunity and it is also a faster way to improve and learn a language.

What has been your favourite part of the experience so far?
Meeting exchange students from all over the world, developing the confidence to speak Japanese, new learning experiences and the chance to study subjects not available at the University of Sydney.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the experience so far?
Definitely making friends and also the language barrier. But the good thing is Waseda has quite a few international clubs that create events for international students. This is a good opportunity to go out there and meet people.

What advice would you give to someone considering going on exchange (in general, or at this location in particular):
Just enjoy yourself and participate! Especially at Waseda, they give lots of support for international students and create many events that gives you a chance to meet people and socialise.

What is a “must visit” spot for someone coming to your host city?
Everywhere. There are many tourist attractions in Tokyo such as shrines and gardens, perfect for a more cultural and historical sightseeing experience. Also the Tokyo Sky Tree which only opened earlier this year.

How has the scholarship you received helped you to pursue your academic and personal goals?
Financial relief so there's less stress on spending, especially for the first few weeks as you settle in there are many things that you have to spend money on.