Bachelor of Arts / Master of Nursing

Four years full-time / Eight years part-time

The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Nursing is a four-year pre-registration course for students wishing to undertake a combined degree. You will be required to complete 96 credit points in the Bachelor of Arts. Master of Nursing units begin in the second year of your undergraduate degree.
The Bachelor of Arts and Master of Nursing combined degree is designed to provide students with a broader range of competencies than a stand-alone nursing qualification.

In addition to being able to register for practice as a nurse, this course will enhance your career and employment opportunities by offering you a broader knowledge of the humanities in an area of interest such as languages, sociology, history or cultural studies.

You can select from over 45 humanities and social sciences subject areas in the Bachelor of Arts component of this combined degree.

Following this pathway will help to broaden your range of skills and knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to work across health and medical industries – in clinical and non-clinical settings – such as media and communications, research, government/public institutions, community organisations and the private sector.

At the end of your course, subject to the requirements of the Nurses Act of NSW, you will be eligible to apply for registration with the Nurses and Midwives Board, NSW.

This combined degree is administered by the Sydney Nursing School.