Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts

Five years full-time / Ten years part-time

This combined degree program has an exceptional reputation with employers for producing graduates who are well prepared for the challenges of today’s business world, and who possess a wide range of industry-related skills and knowledge.

The combination of commerce, humanities and social sciences offers you a stimulating and challenging opportunity that will prepare you for managerial and specialist roles in business or within the public sector. Because many organisations have international affiliations and business dealings, many students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts degrees combine their studies in commerce with a language offered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This is an invaluable asset in gaining employment.

To meet the requirements of the combined program, you must undertake at least one major from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and one from the Bachelor of Commerce.

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This combined degree is administered by The University of Sydney Business School.