Bachelor of Engineering Honours / Bachelor of Arts

Five years full-time

The Bachelor of Engineering Honours and Bachelor of Arts is a combined degree that will give you two qualifications with just one extra year of study and expand your career options in the humanities, social sciences and technologies sectors. The Bachelor of Engineering Honours emphasises practical aspects of science and technology while the Bachelor of Arts provides choices which balance and complement the Bachelor of Engineering Honours. You will pursue academic interests outside the engineering field and graduate as an engineer with all-round professional abilities.

The Bachelor of Arts offers a range of subject areas unmatched by any other university in Australia. More than 15 languages are offered at beginners or advanced level, along with choices in 50 other areas, each of which offers specialist units of study.

Selection of your engineering stream will take place at enrolment. Note that, although you may have achieved the ATAR or equivalent for admission to the combined degree, you must also achieve the ATAR or equivalent for the engineering stream you wish to pursue as part of the combination.

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This combined degree is administered by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.