Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts

Four years full-time / Eight years part-time

Pursue your passion for both humanities and science with the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. The four-year double degree offers you a total of 70 majors as well as world-class research and teaching from two of the nation’s most respected university faculties.

At Sydney, the Faculty of Science is ranked number 1 in the entire country in terms of scientific output, while the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is among the top 20 in the world for the humanities. With a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, you will be benefitting from the world-class research and teaching in both these outstanding faculties.

The four-year degree allows you to combine a range of interests and complete a major in both science and arts. You can choose from 30 majors offered by the Faculty of Science and over 40 majors in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

When you graduate, you will be awarded two degrees, which will allow you to pursue a career closely linked to your specialist fields of study, or consider a career in an area where your combined science and arts knowledge and skills will be an advantage. A combined degree like this will put you at an advantage with employers in sectors across communication, education, finance, business, management and consultancy.

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This combined degree is administered by the Faculty of Science.