Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts

Four years full-time / Eight years part-time

The Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts degree can offer you either a general, vocationally oriented degree or a more specific professional pathway. This four-year combined course allows you to match a range of interests and complete a major in both science and arts.

The degree provides a rich choice of subject areas, enabling you to combine your personal interests, or pursue complementary academic studies in the humanities and sciences, ensuring a diverse span of career opportunities following your graduation. You can choose from over 30 majors offered by the Faculty of Science, and over 45 majors in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

There are many possible combinations of majors in the combined program, preparing you for a wide range of careers. This combined program is an ideal choice for all-rounders seeking a broad educational qualification. Graduates with majors in the sciences and humanities can be found in many varied areas of employment, including: industry; government departments and authorities; research laboratories; research development and design; sample testing and analysis; quality control and laboratory management; environmental science; information systems analysis; network engineering; resource monitoring; biocontrol; software engineering; rural journalism; and marketing.

This combined degree is administered by the Faculty of Science.