Diploma of Language Studies

To qualify for the pass Diploma, candidates must complete at least 48 credit points, including at least 36 senior credit points, in one of the following:

Eligibility for Admission

To be eligible for admission, you must either:

  • be enrolled in an undergraduate degree or combined degree at the University of Sydney; or
  • be enrolled in an undergraduate degree or combined degree at another recognised tertiary institution; or
  • have been awarded, or be eligible for the award of an undergraduate degree from a recognised tertiary institution.
 Diploma of Language Studies Subject Areas

The language study area will be shown in brackets on the testamur.

Accelerated Mode

An accelerated mode in the Diploma of Language Studies is being introduced in 2015, commencing in January 2015. This pathway will initially be available for:

  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Japanese

The accelerated mode is designed to meet the needs of students who are currently enrolled in a degree course with no units free for language studies, but nonetheless would like to study a language concurrently. Graduate and postgraduate students are also eligible to enrol for the accelerated mode.

For information on eligibility, requirements and to apply online, go to sydney.edu.au/courses/Diploma-of-Language-Studies.


The overall structure of the diploma in accelerated mode consists of standard Units of Study that are offered in intensive format throughout the year. The duration for the course is 14 months. This table sets out the schedule for the 2015/16 course, including session dates, session code and delivery mode:








05-23 January 2015

Session 101

3-week intensive

SPAN 1621 Level 1

KRNS 1621 Level 1

JPNS 1611 Level 1


02-20 February 2015

Session 102

3-week intensive

SPAN 1622 Level 2

KRNS 1622 Level 2

JPNS 1612 Level 2


02 March - 07 June 2015

Session SC1
(Sem 1)


ICLS 2111
Essentials of Language Learning


29 June - 17 July 2015

Session 107

3-week intensive

SPAN 2611 Level 3

KRNS 2621 Level 3

JPNS 2611 Level 3


27 July - 01 Nov 2015

Session SC2
(Sem 2)


SPAN 3680
The Spanish-Speaking World

KRNS 3670
Korea in Literature and Popular Culture

JPNS 3001
Understanding Japan


23 Nov - 12 Dec 2015

Session 112

3-week intensive

SPAN 2612 Level 4

KRNS 2622 Level 4

JPNS 2612 Level 4


January 2016

Session 101

3-week intensive

SPAN 2613 Level 5

KRNS 3621 Level 5

JPNS 2621 Level 5


February 2016

Session 102

3-week intensive

SPAN 2614 Level 6

KRNS 3622 Level 6

JPNS 2622 Level 6


Delivery modes

  1. Intensive: delivery is a mixture of full-time class work and online work (both at home and in class) for 2 or 3 weeks depending on the language. Classes are held 4 days per week and incorporate aspects of Blended Learning i.e. "homework" done in-class and new topics introduced online and studied before class.
  2. Online: delivery is completely online. Students complete study tasks and assessments online over the course of the standard semester.

Units of study

Language learning in the beginners level Units of Study is designed to cover relevant thematic areas and complement the English language background unit. This includes practical language associated with corporate, public service and research engagement (numbers, telling time, locations, taking transport, making and renegotiating appointments, language of phone calls). For descriptions of each Unit of Study, see the FASS Undergraduate Handbook for 2015.

  1. ICLS2111 Essentials of Language Learning is common to all four languages in the Accelerated mode. It is offered in Semester 1 in an online delivery mode.
  2. One semester-long country-specific Unit of Study is offered in English online, providing common background knowledge on the target country (or region, in the case of Latin America), and specialist content relevant to different disciplines (e.g. health, engineering, business)

Language Levels

Students with all levels of language proficiencies can undertake the Diploma of Language Studies.

Beginners have no previous knowledge of the language and commence at language level 1 in the January intensive.

Students with some prior knowledge of the language, either through the HSC or through other means, will commence at higher language levels, such as level 3 (July intensive) or level 5 (January 2016 intensive). If you have some prior knowledge of the language you will need to be assessed by the Department to ascertain the best language level for you to commence in.


Entry Points and pathways

Beginners - Students who commence at language level 1 commence their studies with the January 2015 intensive. If this is missed, students can complete the 2 online units in 2015 and enrol in the level 1 intensive in January 2016.

Intermediate and advanced: students who have been assessed as having a language proficiency that allows you to commence at a higher language level.

  • Students who commence at language level 3 can enrol and complete the semester 1 online unit before commencing on the July 2015 (level 3) intensive.
  • Students who commence at language level 4 levels can enrol and complete the semester 1 and semester 2 online units before commencing in the November 2015 (level 4) intensive.
  • Students who commence at language level 5 can enrol in 2015 and complete the semester 1 and semester 2 online units, before enrolling in the January 2016 (level 5) intensive.

NOTE: students commencing at language levels higher than level 1 will need to include normal delivery units of study and/or in-country/exchange units of study to complete requirements for the Diploma.

For more information on pathways contact the or on (02) 9351 2869.

Overseas study in the Diploma

There are various opportunities for including overseas study as part of the Diploma. All students in the Accelerated mode could include an overseas short course equivalent to level 5 and/or 6. Information on availability of such courses is being collected.

Students commencing at higher language levels might be able to include units or even a semester of exchange.

For more information on including overseas study in your Diploma, contact the or on (02) 9351 2869.

Learning outcomes

Students commencing at level 1 and completing the Diploma in Accelerated mode will have reached the B2 (independent) level as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

B2 Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and Independent disadvantages of various options.

How to enrol in the Accelerated Mode

When your application to enrol is successful and you accept your offer, you will be able to enrol on Sydney Student from 1 December 2014. You will be sent general information and a link to Sydney Student from the Admissions Team.

Once you are logged in to Sydney Student, and have filled in your personal information, you will be asked to nominate a major. As your compulsory major, choose the language that you are studying for the Diploma. Leave the Optional Major field blank.

You will then be redirected to the Unit of Study Selection page.
The table above shows which units you will need to choose to follow the Accelerated Mode.

  • Junior units box: language levels 1 and 2. Ensure you choose the unit with the correct session, for Accelerated mode session 101 and 102 (January and February).
  • Senior units: language levels 3 and 4. Ensure you choose the units with the correct session, for Accelerated mode session 107 and 111 (July and November).
  • Senior units box: online units. You will choose ICLS2111 (session S1C) and the online unit corresponding with your language (session S2C).

At the end of your unit selection, you should have six units of study chosen.