Faculty Scholars Program

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof.Duncan Ivison with students

What is the Faculty Scholars Program?

The Faculty Scholars Program is a new initiative designed to recognize the most outstanding students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and provide them with the opportunity to undertake three advanced units available only to those enrolled in the program.

The seminars will take place over three consecutive semesters, beginning in Semester 1 of your second year. The first two units will centre around the reading of advanced texts across a range of concerns explored in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Faculty Scholars will study advanced texts drawn from a wide range of cultures and time periods, and meet once a week for intensive discussions with their cohort and leading academics.

The readings and discussions from the first two units will help Faculty Scholars to shape a research question which will then be explored in the final unit in Semester 1 of the third year. In this final unit, Faculty Scholars will work one-on-one with an academic on a research project or program of specialized study on a subject of their choosing.


  • To provide an opportunity to study and discuss major books from different time periods and cultures that address enduring human questions
  • To provide intensive small-group teaching with an expert on a topic that they are passionate about
  • To broaden students’ exposure to the wide variety of types of inquiry in the humanities and social sciences
  • To enable students to grow as scholars and pursue their own research interests working one-on-one with mentors from academic staff across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Upon the successful completion of their degree, those who have completed the Faculty Scholars Program will be listed as Faculty Scholars on their official transcript and testamur.


There is no application process for the Faculty Scholars Program. Students who meet the following criteria, and are chosen to participate will be contacted by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Students enrolled in all degrees administered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will be eligible for consideration upon meeting the criteria listed below.

To be considered, students must achieve an average of 80% across all units of study in their first year, with a High Distinction (85% or above) in at least two Table A units of study.

All students who meet this criteria, and have the required number of electives available in their degree will be put forward for consideration. The 25 students with the highest average annual mark (AAM) will be invited to enroll in the program.

Faculty Scholars will be obliged to maintain an 80% average in order to remain in the program. Students who do not maintain the minimum standard will be permitted to exit the program with credit for the units of study completed but will not be listed as Faculty Scholars on their final transcript and testamur.