Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science

Three years full-time / Six years part-time

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science is designed to provide you with a background in both the humanities and the sciences, as well as adaptive communication and analytical skills which are identified by potential employers as desirable in a wide range of careers. The course gives you lots of flexibility and a large breadth of subject choice.

If you have a wide variety of interests and don’t want to restrict yourself to majors offered in a specialist course, or if you have specific interests in areas covered in both the arts and the sciences, you will be interested in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science.While graduates of the course will be highly employable, it also provides a suitable background for you to enter into research via the Honours year or Masters by Research, or into a postgraduate coursework program for further specialisation.

After completing this three-year full-time degree, you have a range of postgraduate study opportunities. Postgraduate studies enable you to concentrate further on your major area of interest, to diversify your studies, or to study for a professional qualification such as the Master of Commerce.

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science provides ideal preparation for postgraduate study in the University of Sydney’s graduate medicine, law or commerce programs. The right subject combination will also enable you to go on to study in a professional area such as nuclear medicine, psychology, nutrition and dietetics or teaching.

This degree is administered by the Faculty of Science. For further information please contact the Faculty of Science.