Undergraduate Student Profiles

Yun Liu - Bachelor of International and Global Studies(Honours)

Yun Liu

"My Bachelor's degree in International and Global Studies (Honours) has not only equipped me with extensive knowledge in international relations, but has also enabled me to apply my knowledge in this area at an advanced level by undertaking 20,000 word original research project. Studying and living in Sydney is the choice that I'll never regret."

Sarah Kobayashi - Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science

Sarah Kobayashi

"The Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science degree gave me the freedom to study what I wanted, but at the same time, encouraged me to broaden my horizons and consider subjects outside my major. The lessons that I learned from this degree, I believe, have given me solid foundations for whatever I want to achieve in the future."

Philip Chan - Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)/ Bachelor of Laws

Philip Chan

"From editing an international affairs magazine, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald, to hitting the streets of Seoul as a reporter on a university internship, my degree has taken me further afield than I ever imagined."

Alice Evatt - Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours)

Alice Evatt

“Despite the wealth of options available to me after I completed my higher education, I chose Sydney University because it is widely known to provide a holistic university experience that extends beyond being among Australia’s premier academic institutions.”

Elizabeth Toriola - BACHELOR OF ARTS

Elizabeth Toriola

"Studying at the University of Sydney was my first choice, not because I grew up in the same city but because of the university's international reputation in the areas that I am most interested in."

Fernando Felgueras - BACHELOR OF ARTS

Fernando Felgueras

"What I have learned here is invaluable. It has put me on the path to become a better writer in my areas of choice. I have written four screenplays and finished a book, which I hope to publish."


Sean Sidky

“For me, the most important thing about studying at university was that I would be able to sample from a wide range of areas before deciding to focus on one, and the University of Sydney was the only place that offered the diversity that I wanted.”