A traditional exchange is a semester or year-long stint permitted via reciprocal agreements we have with Universities abroad. Due to the format of the Diploma of Language Studies, it is usually not possible meet the specific requirements for exchange. An exchange generally requires you to study full time, which is not a feature of the Diploma. For this reason, we do not typically recommend this option due to the likelihood of disappointment.

One option for students studying Italian is via a reciprocal agreement we currently have in place for a short-term language exchange with the University of Udine in Italy. At this stage, this is the only reciprocal agreement we have in place that would suit Diploma of Language Studies students.

Independent study abroad

This option involves making all of your own arrangements for your period of exchange such as contacting the University, finding appropriate classes to take, gaining admission, payment of fees etc. On return to Australia you are then granted credit for your study, dependent on approval from the department.

This is a great option for students enrolled in the Diploma of Language Studies who are wanting to spend a period of time overseas studying in the country of their chosen language. We would generally recommend students complete a short-term exchange where possible and study during the summer or winter breaks.

In-country study

This is an option available for students studying Chinese, Modern Greek and Indonesian. These departments have pre-existing arrangements with Universities in these countries and have agreed upon all elements such as fees, curriculum, and appropriate credit on return. The department assists with all aspects of your study and you are enrolled in shell units here while studying overseas.

Exchange for Accelerated Mode

Please note that any period of exchange may extend the amount of time it takes to complete the diploma, depending on what credit is granted on your return.

If you are completing your Diploma alongside another degree and are going on exchange for that degree, you may have the option of studying your chosen language while overseas. You will need to seek permission from your home Faculty to take a language unit while on exchange.

If you are interested in exchange you should plan ahead, consider study dates and complete your paperwork as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about how a period of exchange can fit into your standard or accelerated mode diploma, do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the relevant department.