Ellen Stay (BA/LLB)

Ellen Stay

Before I went on exchange, I thought that seven months sounded like an awfully long time. Now I’m back, I know that it passes so quickly it’s unbelievable. It’s only when I look back on everything that’s happened that I realise that seven months allows for a lot of experiences and adventure! I studied for a semester at the beautiful and inspiring University of Glasgow, the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world, where I was able to study British and EU politics from some of the foremost experts in their fields. Glasgow is such an exciting and vibrant place to live, the people are so friendly, and the culture is just incredible: people really do wear kilts, there were bagpipe classes at uni, and I can say from first-hand experience that haggis isn’t that bad! I also met amazing people from the UK and from all over the world with whom I hope I’ll have lifelong friendships.

Ellen Stay

Travelling was another big part of my time overseas, and I took full advantage of cheap Ryanair flights and the good exchange rate at the start of the year! I spent St Patrick’s Day in Dublin; saw anti-government demonstrations in Turkey; conducted a thorough comparison of many of the patisseries in Paris (if you’re wondering, Gérard Mulot and Pierre Hermé come out on top); hiked in the Scottish Highlands; watched a four-hour opera in Vienna; climbed St Paul’s Cathedral in London; ate real tapas in Spain; and slept under the stars in the Sahara desert.


I was lucky enough to be a recipient of an Arts Faculty Exchange Scholarship, and this allowed me to take full advantage of my time overseas; I’ll always be grateful for the support this scholarship gave me. For any students who are thinking of going on exchange during their degree, I can safely say that it will be one of the most incredible and life-changing experiences you will ever have. I cannot recommend it highly enough.