Postgraduate Research in Classics and Ancient History

The University of Sydney has a proud tradition of classics and ancient history dating back to the earliest years of the institution. Postgraduate students explore the Greek and Roman roots of Western civilisation and obtain a better understanding of our contemporary world.

Academic staff have a diversity of research interests including Greek cultural history; Greek rhetoric and law; Greek tragedy and society; Greek democracy; Greek religion; Roman imperial history; the Roman Republic; Latin literature of the Republican and Imperial periods; magic; the Classical tradition. Classics and Ancient History develops language and analytical skills that are applicable in a wide range of employment contexts, from law to journalism. See the Academic Staff page on the department website for more information.

For information on current PhD research projects, visit the Department of Classics and Ancient History Postgraduate Research page.

Classics and Ancient History postgraduate research programs

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Chair of Department

Julia Christine Kindt
Phone Number +61 2 9351 6814
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Address Room H606
A14 - Quadrangle
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Jelle Stoop
Phone Number +61 2 9036 6018
Address A14 - Quadrangle
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia