Postgraduate Research in Hebrew, Biblical, Jewish and Holocaust Studies

Research comprises the core of the University of Sydney’s Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies. Founded in 1945, we are the only department in Australia that offers studies in the full spectrum of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies. Our research programs are focussed on a number of major areas including: the classical Hebrew language of the Hebrew Bible, Biblical studies, modern Hebrew, Holocaust Studies and Jewish civilisation, thought and culture.

Our faculty offer expertise in all of these areas and, in addition, have research interests in related fields such as museum and religious studies. The department is very research active and has a large number of research students, making it an exciting place to study. We hold regular research seminars, many of which feature outstanding scholars from key international institutions.

These seminars are normally held in conjunction with Mandelbaum House, the Jewish residential college on campus. Mandelbaum House was opened in 1995 and provides support for the department's postgraduate programs. The connection with Mandelbaum House provides us with a unique research opportunity. Mandelbaum's brief is to help promote postgraduate study and research in Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Sydney and it also supports the Archive of Australian Judaica, located in Fisher Library, a unique resource for students of Australian Jewry.

In general the department offers two main areas of expertise:

  1. The Classical Period - The department has a broad range of expertise in Biblical Studies, specifically Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament, with areas of specialization including Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew and Aramaic language, textual criticism as well as Rabbinic interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, and prophetic and apocalyptic literature. Within this area, we offer expertise in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the period of the first to third centuries of Second Temple Writings.
  2. The Modern Period - The department offers expertise in Zionism and Modern Israel, the background to the Holocaust, its history and aftermath, Holocaust representation, Diaspora Studies, Australian Jewry, and the languages of Modern Hebrew, including pedagogy.

The department also has affiliations with:

  • Australian Jewish Historical Society
  • Archive of Australian Jewry
  • The Sydney Jewish Museum

The Australian Association of Jewish Studies holds an annual conference, which rotates between the various Australian Centres for the Study of Jewish Civilisation. The next conference at the University of Sydney will be in February 2013.

For more information, visit the Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies website.

Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies postgraduate research programs

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Ian Mark Young
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