Postgraduate Research in International and Comparative Literary Studies

In a globalised, diverse and highly mobile world, crosscultural and interdisciplinary education and knowledge are essential requirements for those wishing to become active participants in the life of the future global community. A literary education in particular provides important cultural insights, as literature both reflects and shapes a society's cultural and intellectual life. Australian intellectual and professional status is no longer measured on the national front alone: it is part of a rich international network through which ideas are discussed, research undertaken and staff mobility achieved.

Our Crosscultural Research and Research Supervision Areas Include:

  • Modern literature, and literary modernism, in and across the countries and cultures named above (including North America and Australia)
  • Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque literature
  • Transcultural and translation studies
  • Literary theories and genres across cultures
  • Literature and performance
  • Comparative poetics
  • Literature and other arts
  • Literature and cinema, including film adapations
  • Crosscultural sociology and politics of literature
  • Literature, history, and memory
  • Literature and nationalism
  • Literary hoaxes
  • Cultural and religious identities in literature
  • Popular literature and popular culture
  • Postcoloniality, migration and diaspora
  • Literature, gender and feminist thought
  • Gay, lesbian and queer literature and cinema
  • Creativity and the process of writing

International and Comparative Literary Studies postgraduate research programs

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Chair of Department

Rebecca Suter
Phone Number +61 2 9351 6766
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The University of Sydney
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Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Michelle Royer
Phone Number +61 2 9036 9480
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Address Room 744
A18 - Brennan MacCallum
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia