Postgraduate Research in Museum Studies

Museum studies as an area of academic research and teaching can indeed inspire new scholarship and innovation in a sector which, like many other areas of the public sector in Australia, has undergone enormous change in the last decade. These tensions emerge from a history of museum studies programs being synonymous with the museum sector and its representative bodies at a time when the museums sector was less segmented and complex, and perhaps not scrutinised in the public domain in the way that it is now. Other areas of education that intersect significantly with museum studies, are heritage studies, arts administration and conservation.

Different academic disciplines now engage with the work of museums. In particular, the role of the museum as a space of representation has attracted the attention of academics in areas as diverse as cultural studies, philosophy and geography. This in turn has tended to open discussion about the discourse of museums, their history as public collecting and exhibiting institutions, as sites of representation past and present, and the purpose of museum studies. While perhaps challenging to parts of the museum sector, this is a positive development because it highlights the contemporary relevance of museums as sites of debate, research and public engagement.

Research students are involved in monthly reading groups, where students are given the chance to focus the readings on their own areas of interest. The group also provides a forum for more general museological issues. All students are encouraged to participate in wider forums such as national and international conferences, for which research grants may be obtained.

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Museum Studies postgraduate research programs

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