Postgraduate Research in Political Economy

Political Economy at the University of Sydney is taught by the largest grouping of political economists at any Australian university. It is recognised as a leading centre of economic analysis and research.

Political Economy asserts that economic processes do not take place in isolation from social and political processes. Political economy studies the dynamics of globalisation and the implications for national economic policy; the concentration of economic activity, wealth and opportunities; the trade-offs between health, education and equity; the free market arguments; environmental sustainability; the decline and development of regional economies; and debates over development and economic rights.

Political Economy publishes the highly regarded Journal of Australian Political Economy and attracts significant research funding from ARC and other sources.

Research and publication is concentrated on nonneoclassical economic theory, Australian economic and social policy, international trade and development, the nature of work, urbanisation and regional development, and global integration.

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A PhD is valuable for those seeking careers in research, policy and academia.

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Political Economy postgraduate research programs

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Chair of Department

Adam Morton
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Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Michael Beggs
Phone Number +61 2 9351 6845
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The University of Sydney
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