Postgraduate Research in Southeast Asian Studies

Southeast Asia and Australia are inextricably linked through geography and common regional interests. The University of Sydney has a distinguished history of research on Southeast Asia, with particular attention to Indonesia. Graduates with a deep understanding of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, are in demand both in Australia and overseas in the fields of government, international agencies and non-profit sector organisations.

The Department of Indonesian Studies evolved from the former Department of Indonesian and Malayan Studies and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008. The department emphasises the importance of providing a rounded education in Indonesian Studies, producing graduates who have both language skills and significant country knowledge. The University has over 150 researchers working on aspects of Southeast Asia across all its faculties, and plans to establish a Centre for Southeast Asian Studies. The Southeast Asia Program can draw on this expertise to complement the concentration on Indonesia in the School of Languages and Cultures.

Academic staff in the school have expertise in areas such as Indonesian history, politics, social change (labour movements, civil society organisations, and social activism), literary and cultural studies, and linguistics. Visit the Department of Indonesian Studies Academic Staff page for more information.

For more information, visit the Department of Indonesian Studies website.

Southeast Asian Studies postgraduate research programs

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Chair of Department

Dwi Djenar
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Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Vannessa Hearman