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Melissa Brooks - Bachelor of Arts (Advanced)(Honours)

Melissa Brooks

The fantastic thing about my degree is that I am constantly being challenged. Arts (Advanced)(Honours) gives you the opportunity to leap straight into senior subjects, which sounds a little bit daunting, but I’ve found all my lecturers and tutors to be incredibly supportive. Starting your degree with the intention of undertaking honours also means that you’re immediately able to tailor your degree toward your research interests.

There’s a huge range of choice for study within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and you’re also able to study subjects outside of the faculty. At the moment I’m studying sociology and religion, and later in the year I’ll be studying history and government. The Arts (Advanced)(Honours) degree allows you to explore a broad range of interests, and then specialise or synthesise those interests within the honours component. Sydney is the only university offering a more challenging program like this for arts students.

I was also attracted to Sydney University because of the strong culture and student community. Campus life at Sydney is a unique experience and everyone can find somewhere to belong. I love the time that I spend on campus – uni really is the best time of your life.

Courtney Tight - Bachelor of Arts

Courtney Tight

The vast range of subjects that can be studied in the Bachelor of Arts was something that first attracted me to the degree. As someone who has a broad interest in the humanities and social sciences, I have found that the Bachelor of Arts is one of the best degrees available that caters to this – I feel spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting what I want to study! One thing is certain, there is no 'typical' Bachelor of Arts student – some study Australian Literature, others Chinese, some do Anthropology and others major in Political Economy. The staff in the faculty are supportive and encourage learning both in and out of lectures and tutorials – this can be by telling us about guest speakers coming to the University or encouraging involvement in student clubs and societies that might have a focus on the discipline. One of the fantastic things about the degree is that it allows students to develop skills in critical thinking and research – something invaluable in the workplace. I’m really happy that I chose to study the Bachelor of Arts at Sydney – it’s broadened my world view and helped me develop not only the way I think, but also how to engage with ideas. It has given me a very solid base with which I can choose to either pursue further study or launch myself into the outside world!

Mel Goudie - Bachelor of Arts (Languages)

Mel Goudie

Photo of Mel Goudie, Bachelor of Arts (Languages)

The BA (Languages) degree allows me to have the flexibility of an arts degree while being able to focus my studies on languages. The prospect of being able to complete some of my studies overseas attracted me to the BA (Languages) degree. The partial funding from the University really helps when planning your living expenses overseas.

At the moment, I’m studying Arabic and German, and I’m hoping to go on exchange somewhere in the Arabic-speaking world later in my degree. However I don’t just study these languages; through Sydney University’s method of teaching, I have also learnt about the culture and history of the countries where these languages are spoken. This is essential for the exchange component of the degree! Through this, I have been able to develop a passion not just for the languages, but also for the cultures in which these languages are used. I have also been able to study Government and International Relations as well as my two languages.

BA (Languages) is more than just studying languages. The flexibility of this degree has allowed me to cover a broad range of interests, whilst still having a central focus upon the study of languages.

Jessica Carter - Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)

Jessica Carter

Photo of Jessica Carter, Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)

I chose this degree because of the diversity it offers me - last year I helped to write and produce a radio drama, make a short documentary and continued to improve my French.
There are also so many opportunities to get involved and get as much media experience as possible on campus. I’m one of the student editors on the Uni’s weekly magazine The Bull and there’s a Media Society that holds great events where you can meet other journalists working in the industry.

At the moment I’m doing an internship in the media department of UNICEF Australia, which is awesome because it also really complements my Government major. There is also the opportunity to go on exchange, which is something I’m hoping to do. Being such a small course with an emphasis on group work makes it a really fun degree where you get to know the people you’re studying with. The broad range of subjects offers something for everyone. I’m so glad I chose to do media at Sydney!