Arts and Business graduate

Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Iconic

Adam leads one of the largest and fastest-growing online retailers for clothing and shoes in Australia, and believes an arts degree is always a strong selling point in a prospective employee’s CV.

He credits his arts and commerce degree for a good part of his business success. “While most degrees give you tactical vocational skills, my arts degree afforded me strategic life skills. These include the ability to think critically, challenge one’s own views, and form strong logical arguments. Thinking critically is applicable in everything I do in my role today and has kept my performance ahead of the curve.”

Since starting up the company in 2011, the fashion e-commerce venture has gained a strong foothold in the retail market. “I always wanted to build a business and to create something new. Interestingly enough, my study of Philosophy gave me the tools and mindset to effectively build and manage a business,” he says.

“Studying philosophy taught me how to test and understand concepts quickly, leading to a good decision within a clear framework, which was one of the most valuable things I took away from university.”

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