Arts and Law graduate

Senior Supervising Producer of Channel 7’s The Morning Show and The Daily Edition

Chloe credits the diversity of the subjects she studied at University, particularly within her arts degree, for helping cement her senior position in TV media.

Prior to her roles at Channel 7, her journey has taken her to sub-editing and writing roles at leading women’s magazines Dolly and Marie Claire.

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“I was looking for a degree that was general enough that it could be universally applied, while offering a diverse enough range of subjects to be intellectually stimulating,” she says. “Studying a Bachelor of Arts helped foster my natural curiosity, which is a key skill for a journalist!”

Chloe uses the important skills of good writing, analysis and problem solving every day and her studies helped sharpen these skills and prepare her for the ‘real world’. She was proactive about finding work in her chosen profession.

“I started working in magazines and online during my second year of Arts, where I remained part time during for the rest of my combined degree,” she says. “It was a small publishing company focusing on arts and entertainment, so a great practical outlet.”

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