Salina Alvaro

Bachelor of Arts

Why did you choose to study this particular degree?
The Bachelor of Arts allows a great scope to explore broad interests within Arts and Social Sciences. I major in Government and International Relations and American studies but have undertaken units from Economics, Econometrics, Political Economy, History, Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, and the United States Studies Centre.

Why are you passionate about this topic area?
My interest in Government and International Relations stems from undertaking Legal Studies and Economics in high school. At university, I’m learning of the broader pervasiveness and importance of politics and my interest has developed into a keen passion.

My interest in American Studies developed after undertaking a unit from the United States Studies Centre on a whim. Without the flexibility of a Bachelor of Arts, it is unlikely that I would have discovered my passion for U.S politics, history, and culture.

What internships or placement programs have you participated in?
I haven’t participated in any structured internships or placement programs but have found that the skills developed through the Bachelor of Arts allow me to work in a variety of roles and workplaces. I am currently a Talent Manager for social media influencers, a role that is unconventionally relevant to both of my majors. With duties that crossover with political campaign management and the Entertainment Industry being so heavily tied to the United States, the knowledge gained through my degree is applicable and the soft skills I've developed are transferable.

What do you enjoy most about this degree - could be something you have learnt or experienced?
I’ve most enjoyed my roles as a Student Representative for Government and International Relations, American Studies, and Social and Political Sciences. The opportunity to speak to University staff about student's ideas and issues has affirmed the value the Faculty places on the student experience.

Who inspires you?
Definitely my peers and professors. There are so many incredible people working on interesting, creative projects that it doesn't take too much searching to find inspiration.

What advice would you give someone considering the degree?
Whether you have a specific interest or want to sample a variety of topics within arts and social sciences, try the Bachelor of Arts for size.

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