Master of Cultural Studies -- Organisations

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The Master of Cultural Studies is a two-year postgraduate degree at the University of Sydney. MCS graduates will possess advanced analysis, research and writing skills relevant to study and work in the cultural industries, humanities and social sciences as well as government and non-government organisations, law, education and the physical sciences.

As part of their overall MCS qualification students may elect to undertake an internship in a relevant organisation during one semester of their degree in order to gain experience using, and to share, their skills in a professional environment.

We are inviting cultural organisations and any organisation where culture related work is done to participate in the Master of Cultural Studies Internship Program.

What is the internship?

The internship is an opportunity for Master of Cultural Studies students to use the advanced skills and knowledge that they have learnt as part of their postgraduate degree in a professional environment. Interns would work for you, under your supervision, as directed by you. The University of Sydney’s Master of Cultural Studies students are all extremely bright, enthusiastic and self-motivated, and would be an asset to your work environment.

What kind of organisations can participate?

Any organisation that hires people to do research on culture or that would benefit from cultural research: within the arts, social policy, government, university departments, private consultancies, legal sector, non-government sector; as well as the fields of political campaigning, media, community development, social work, education, sport, health and physical sciences.

What kind of work should the interns do?

We expect the interns to work at a professional level, and to undertake the kinds of tasks that would normally be expected in your particular workplace. We do ask that you briefly outline the tasks that you would expect an intern to undertake in advance. They may include tasks such as data collection for a major project, assistance with research design, preparation of catalogues or literature reviews, preparation of copy for organisational publications or events, and so on.

How long are the internships?

The internships are a minimum of 20 days (not including public holidays, weekends, sick leave, etc), or 140 hours. You may prefer to take students in a block of four weeks full-time, or on a part-time basis over a longer period of time. The internship can be done at any time during the year, as convenient for you. It is up to you.

Will there be a lot of work to look after an intern?

As students at Masters level, interns will be self-motivated and pro-active. In some cases the internship will be the students’ first experience of working in the industry, and they may require more active supervision. That being said, the internship should be rewarding and productive for all concerned.

Is there much paperwork?

No. There is a brief certification for the supervisor to sign at the beginning and end of the internship. We ask that you provide a brief description of the duties that you expect from an intern, and a few other details on the Offer of Internship form. There is a brief certification for the supervisor to sign at the beginning and end of the internship.

What if you need an intern with special skills?

If you have special requirements from an intern (e.g. driver’s license, community language, particular experience or knowledge), please let us know on the offer form, and we will try and match you to the best possible student.

How do you get involved?

Simply fill out an Offer of Internship form, stating what you require from an intern, and return to the address below. Or contact the for more information.