Events in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies

Frontiers of TransQueer Studies: Issues, Challenges, Directions

February 13-14, 2014
New Law School F10 Rooms 024 and 026
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Since its origins in the early 1990s, Queer Studies has been at the forefront of critical understandings of the complex relations between sexual and gender diversity and heteronormative power, exploring the paradoxes of regimes that incite proliferating sexualities and genderings in their attempts to restrict and channel the manifold diversity of human desire. The critical power of Queer Studies has been revealed by the spread of its methods well beyond the field’s origins in the academies of North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. As Queer Studies enters its third decade and joins dialogue with Trans Studies, its intellectual influence has become genuinely global. As TransQueer critical methods are drawn upon across more and more regions, diverse dialects of queer and trans theoretical analysis are evolving in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

This workshop will explore the contours of TransQueer Studies as a transnational enterprise that engages issues of economic, political, cultural and linguistic difference in concert with critical reflections on the rapidly changing forms of sexual and gender difference across the planet. Key questions will be the importance of the queering as well as the transing (crossing boundaries) of established ideas of nation, sexuality and gender in studying queer and transgender issues in this, the second decade of the 21st century.

The workshop will bring together scholars researching diverse issues in sexuality and gender across a range of societies to reflect on developments in the field. Speakers will be invited to draw on their own research to outline key intellectual issues and practical challenges for TransQueer Studies as its methods and approaches evolve within expanding transnational conversations and collaborative networks.

*Registration: There is no registration charge to attend this workshop but as seating is limited, .

Keynote Speakers:

  • Prof. Meaghan Morris (Sydney University) “Cultural Studies as a Transnational Enterprise”
  • Prof. Raewyn Connell (Sydney University) “The Responsibility of Intellectuals”

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr Aren Aizura (Arizona State University) “Decolonising at the Frontier: Transnational Transgender Studies Now”
  • Prof. Tom Boellstorff (University of California, Irvine) “’Normaling’” Belonging: Queernormativity and the Politics of Similitude”
  • Tim Buckfield (Independent Scholar, London) “Living in Different Spaces”
  • Prof. Naifei Ding (National Central University, Taiwan) “Cold Sex Wars – A Feminist Re-education”
  • Kerryn Drysdale (University of Sydney) “People, Practice and Place: Transfiguring Space through Participation within the Sydney Drag King Scene”
  • Prof. John Nguyet Erni (Hong Kong Baptist University) “Generating the Postcolonial Transsexual: Legal Immanence in the Case of ‘W’ in Hong Kong”
  • Prof. Helen Grace (National Central University, Taiwan/ University of Sydney) “The Commune and the Common: Some Very Queer Domestic Arrangements”
  • Assoc. Prof. Hans Huang (National Central University, Taiwan) “Trauma and Stigma: Therapeutic Violence and the Sequestration of HIV in Neoliberal Taiwan”
  • Prof. Peter Jackson (Australian National University) “Markets, Media and Queer Magic: Resurgent Asian Supernaturalisms as Zones of Tolerance and Queer Prestige”
  • Jessica Kean (University of Sydney) “Sex, Love, Mononormativity: Negotiated Non-monogamies and the Politics of Naming”
  • Assoc. Prof. Helen Leung (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver) “Queer Sounding, Trans Hearing”
  • Prof. Mark McLelland (University of Wollongong) “Young People, Sexual Literacies and Sexual Citizenship in the Internet Age”
  • Prof. Vera Mackie (University of Wollongong) “Queer Maternities: Octomom, Pregnant Dad and Bella Swan”
  • Dr Claire Maree (University of Melbourne) “Transqueer Contextualisations and Discourses of Disaster”
  • Dr Fran Martin (University of Melbourne) “Transnational Queer Sinophone Cultures”
  • Prof. Amie Parry (National Central University, Taiwan) “Abandoned Closures: Sexuality, Migration and Innovative Cultural Narrative”
  • Assoc. Prof. Kane Race (University of Sydney) “An Experiment in Queer Methods: Framing Sex via Online Hook-up Devices”
  • Prof. Katherine Sender (University of Auckland) “Queer Mobilities Among Sex Museums: Transnational Flows of Discourses and Objects”
  • Assoc. Prof. Audrey Yue (University of Melbourne) “Queer Asian Migrations in Australia: A Conceptual Overview”