Department of Gender and Cultural Studies Academic Staff

  • Dr Fiona Allon
    Cultures of 'home' and everyday life; space, place and identity; suburban and urban cultures; popular culture; mobility, travel and the cultural dimensions of globalisation
  • Associate Professor Ruth Barcan
    Academic labour and identity; waste, sustainability and everyday life; domestic chicken-keeping in the suburbs; alternative therapies (CAM) and New Age practices; nudity and nudism; feminist cultural studies approaches to embodiment; pedagogy
  • Professor Catherine Driscoll
    Modernity and modernism; cultural theory, especially Deleuze, Foucault, pragmatism, phenomenology; popular culture and popular genres; online culture, especially fan cultures and gaming; rural studies, especially with a focus on youth; girlhood and girl culture
  • Dr Liam Grealy
    Youth and childhood; Media classification; Cultural theory; Academic labour; Higher degree research supervision; Preventive detention; Criminology; Hip hop
  • Dr Jennifer Hamilton
    Weather, extreme weather, storms, heatwaves, meteorology, climate change, ecocriticism, Shakespeare, cosmopolitics, cosmology, labour, feminist environmental justice, the politics of representation, the politics of dwelling, gardening, plants, genealogies of representation, infrastructure and environmental engineering, feminist theory, affect theory, humanism, posthumanism
  • Dr Jessica Kean
    Queer theory, heteronormativity, mononormativity; non/monogamy; intimacies and relationships; feminisms and feminist theory; popular culture; domestic and family violence; gender, diversity and the workplace
  • Associate Professor Tess Lea
    Human/other animal relations; conceptualizations of the anthropocene; cultures of audit and the anthropology policy; development theory; the tactics of post-colonial power and liberal settler governance; institutional ethnography; urban and regional research
  • Associate Professor Natalya Lusty
    Modernism; contemporary visual culture; aesthetics of violence; censorship and media harm; fashion culture; cultural studies
  • Professor Meaghan Morris
    Film and media historiographies; local and national cultures in globalisation; Australian and Asian-Pacific popular culture; public cultures and institutions after 'privatisation'
  • Dr Dean Murphy
    Queer kinship; reproductive technologies; transnational surrogacy arrangements; biomedical HIV prevention; HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis; drug use; masculinity, risk, sexual cultures
  • Dr Astrida Neimanis
    embodiment; feminist theory; water; environmental humanities; queer ecologies; feminist epistemologies and knowledge production; posthumanism and new materialisms; art/science/theory collaborations; alter-Anthropocene; planetary flows of bodies, matters, imaginaries, justice
  • Dr Jane Park
    Film and popular media; Race, ethnicity and multiculturalism; Aesthetics and ethics; Postcolonial theory; Diaspora and transnationalism
  • Professor Elspeth Probyn
    Spatial theory; hybrid geographies; gender; sexuality and cultural studies; food consumption and production; theories of embodiment; social science methodologies
  • Associate Professor Kane Race
    Gender and sexuality; popular culture and consumption; sociology of health and biomedicine; Foucault’s ethics; biopolitics; citizenship; social policy; body technologies; queer theory
  • Dr Guy Redden
    Culture and economy; consumer culture; alternative cultures (including online); religion; lifestyle television; intercultural studies; cultural theory
  • Dr Shawna Tang
    queer Asia; sexuality politics; LGBT aging; non-normative families and intimacies; homophobia and sexuality justice in Asian global queer cities; academic labour, affect and emotions; feminist, queer, postcolonial and Marxist theories
  • Dr Anthea Taylor
    Gender and popular culture; celebrity; popular feminism; postfeminism; reality television; new media; fandom; feminist literary and cultural theory; popular fiction; literary reception; cultural policy
  • Associate Professor Thom van Dooren
    Environmental humanities; extinction studies; cultures and politics of biodiversity (esp. in Hawai`i and the Pacific); multispecies/animal/plant studies; feminist science studies; field philosophy; natureculture writing; storytelling; public humanities; extra-terrestrial ethics.
  • Associate Professor Lee Wallace
    Queer theory; lesbian and gay studies; feminist theory; colonial and postcolonial discourse; cultural studies; cinema studies.