Associate Professor Robyn FERRELL

Robyn Ferrell portrait photgraph

Robyn Ferrell is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies.

Research interests

Philosophy of the Image; contemporary art; technology and gender; genre and writing in the humanities; philosophical approaches to feminism; psychoanalytic theory.

Sacred Exchanges book cover

Books of philosophy
Sacred Exchanges: images in global context. Columbia University Press (New York) 2012.
Copula: Sexual technologies, Reproductive Powers. SUNY Press (New York) 2006.
Genres of Philosophy. Ashgate (UK) 2002.
Passion In Theory. Routledge (UK) 1996.
Cartographies: Post-structuralism and the mapping of bodies and spaces, co-edited with Rosalyn Diprose. Allen & Unwin (Sydney) 1991.

Books of creative writing
Private Language (novel). Draft accepted to Algonkian Writers Conference, New York, 2012.
The Real Desire (essays). Indra Press (Melbourne) 2004. Shortlisted for the 2005 NSW Premier's Awards.
The Weather and Other Gods (novel). Frances Allen (Sydney) 1990.

  • 2005-2007 Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 'Feminist Theory meets Indigenous Art' (collaboration with Dr Jennifer Biddle)
  • 2003-2005 Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 'Sexual Technologies, Reproductive Powers'
Journalism and essays

2012 ‘Market Sentiment’ review of Helen Grace exhibition, Articulate Project Space, Sydney Eyeline (forthcoming)
2009 ‘Sor Peklam (“From the shell”)’ catalogue essay for exhibition of Ricardo Idago, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne.
2005 ‘Nobody Knows Anything’ catalogue essay for exhibition of Helen Wright, Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart
2004 ‘Mental Interiors, Intimate landscapes: the painting of David Keeling’ catalogue essay in Academici exhibition of the Australia Council Visual Arts/Crafts Board Studio Residency (Rome), and solo exhibition at Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney
2004 ‘Bob le Bricoleur’ in ‘Atelier’ exhibition, Plimsoll Gallery, Centre for Fine Arts University of Tasmania, catalogue Jonathan Holmes (ed)
2002 ‘The Kingdom of God’ Salt, v16 special issue Terri-Ann White (ed)
2001 'Paris Does Not Exist' in The Paris Studio, Victor Barker (ed) Halstead Press: Sydney

Exhibitions (visual arts)

2010 Five etchings of ‘Salzburg’ series in group exhibition of works on paper, Brunswick Gallery, Fitzroy, October

2010 ‘Willow Point’ photographs Robyn Ferrell & Anne Lukis Room1, Oakhill Community Gallery, February

2009 ‘Etchings’ solo exhibition Room 2, Oakhill Community Gallery, Mornington October

2003 'Paris Does Not Exist' solo exhibition photography, Gallery of Fine Arts, University of Tasmania April

2002 ‘Phenomenology’ projected images & paper presented at College of Fine Arts, UNSW plenary with Jean Baudrillard ‘The Murder of the Image’ April

2001 'Paris Does Not Exist' in Casting New Shadows group exhibition, Vice Chancellor's Gallery, Macquarie University

1998 group exhibition etching, International Summer School, Salzburg August

Academic articles and chapters

2012 ‘Sally Is A Block of Ice: Revis(it)ing the figure of woman in philosophy’ in PhiloSophia: A Journal of Continental Feminism, Ohio University.
2011 ‘Income Outcome: Life in the Corporate University’ in Cultural Studies Review, vol. 17.2 September.
2009 ‘The Darkroom of the Soul’ in Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics & Politics in the Work of Julia Kristeva. SUNY Press. Kelly Oliver & S.K. Keltner (eds).
2007 ‘Time Difference: the political philosophy of Teresa Brennan’ in Living Attention: On Teresa Brennan, Alice Jardine, Shannon Lundeen & Kelly Oliver Alice Jardine (eds) SUNY Press: New York.
2007 ‘Translating Worlds: Is Petyarre’s art abstract?’ in Cultural Studies Review, 13(1) May.
2004 ‘Desire & Horror: conceiving the future’ in Borderlands e-journal Vol3(1).
2004 ‘Desire & Horror’ earlier version in working papers of the Gender Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, November.
2003 ‘Freud reads Hume: empiricism as rhetorical event’ in Critical Horizons, v4(2) Spring.
2003 ‘Pinjarra 1970: Shame and the country town’ in Cultural Studies Review Vol 9(1) May.
2002 ‘Untitled: Art as Law’ in Studies in Practical Philosophy vol 3(1).
2001 ‘The Pleasure of the Slave’ in Between the Psyche and the Social, Kelly Oliver ed. Routledge (New York).
2000 ‘Copula: feminism and the sexual relation’ in Hypatia (15)2 special issue on ‘Going Australian’ conference, C. Battersby, R. Jones & C. Constable (eds).
2000 ‘Love & Writing: Phaedrus and the Symposium’, in Differential Aesthetics Ashgate (UK) P. Florence (ed).
2000 ’Two Figures of Feminism and Philosophy’, in Max Deutscher, ed. Michele le Doeuff: Operative Philosophy and Imaginary Practice, Humanities Press, New York.
1999 ‘The Time of Feminism’, in Hypatia (14)1.
1998 ’Kristeva’s Time’ in After the Revolution: On Kristeva J. Lechte & M. Zounazi (eds) Sydney: Artspace.
1997 'Time' in Australian Feminist Studies, (12)26.
1995 'Rival Reading: Deleuze on Hume', Australasian Journal of Philosophy, December Vol 73(4) pp 585-593.
1993 'Why Bother? Defending Derrida and the significance of writing' in Australasian Journal of Philosophy, June Vol 71(2) pp 121-131.
1991 'The Passion of the Signifier and the Body in Theory' Hypatia 6(3) Fall.
1991 'Life-threatening Life: Angela Carter and the Uncanny', in The Illusion of Life, Alan Cholodenko (ed.), Sydney: Power Institute of Fine Arts.
1991 'Xenophobia: at the border of philosophy and literature', in On Literary Theory and Philosophy, Richard Freadman and Lloyd Reinhardt (eds), London: Macmillan.