Tutors in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies

Contact details for convenors, rather than tutors, can be found on the unit information pages.

Tutors may be contacted by fax on +612 9351 3918

Semester 1, 2012

  • Kurt Bugden (GCST1601)
  • Kerryn Drysdale (GCST1602)
  • Adam Gall (GCST1601)
  • Liam Grealy (GCST1601)
  • Alexander Heatwhole (GCST1602)
  • Sophie Johnson (GCST2004)
  • Jess Kean (GCST1602)
  • Maria Koleth (GCST3603)
  • Remy Low (GCST2612)
  • Viv McGregor (GCST2607, GCST2614)
  • Kate O’Halloran (GCST1602)
  • Nikki Savvides (GCST2603)