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FASS Strategic Research Themes Announcement 2018-2019

5 July, 2018

The Faculty recently announced the Strategic Research Themes for 2018-2019. As part of the FASS Strategic Plan 2018-2021, the Research Themes aims to build aspiration, capacity and achievement in research and research engagement. The initiative will award up to $80,000 to each new research theme by the end of 2019. Six flagship research projects have been selected with three of them involving academics from the School of Social and Political Sciences.


Congratulations to the following SSPS researchers on their success:
Lisa Adkins, Melinda Cooper and Martijn Konings will lead a team exploring the logics of asset-based capitalism and investigating the new forms of inequality and precarity that have accompanied its rise. They intend to develop a more nuanced understanding of the forms of stratification associated with the asset economy.
Danielle Celermajer and David Schlosberg will lead a team developing innovative media forms and collaborative relationships with policy makers to reconceptualise justice as a means to accommodate the vast breadth of the multispecies world.
Tess Lea, Megan MacKenzie, Astrida Neimanis and Laura Shepherd will lead a team addressing the afterlives of war through a research lens of gender, capital accumulation, race, coloniality, sexuality, and environmental worldviews. This research theme will enable new voices and perspectives on what wars and militarized existences make possible, and what they leave behind, ashore, aloft and at sea.