Politics and International Studies at the University of Sydney ranks in the top 10 percent of universities worldwide, according to the latest Shanghai Jiao Tong World University Ranking, released in August 2011.

Since 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong has produced an authoritative and independent annual evaluation. For the first time, the rankings have been broken down by subject within the social sciences.

Politics and International studies at Sydney ranks 18th highest out of the top 200 universities worldwide. Most of the highest ranked departments on this subject are in the US or UK, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, and University of California, Berkeley. Among Australian universities, both the Australian National University and the University of Melbourne also scored highly alongside Sydney.

Politics and International Studies at Sydney is also ranked higher than the University as a whole (ranked 37th worldwide). In comparison with other related disciplines at Sydney, Politics & IS also ranks higher than Sociology (25th), Economics (29th), Philosophy (20th), Geography and Area Studies (21st).

The World University Ranking methodology gathers information using six indicators:

    –The Academic Reputation Index (a peer review survey, weighted 40%);

    –The Employer Reputation Index, (an employer survey, weighted 10%);

    -The quality of teaching (based on the ratio of faculty to students) (20%);

    –The research strength (by citation per faculty member) (20%);

    –The International Faculty index (5%); and,

    –The International Student index (5%).

Each indicator is standardized to 100 points, weighted, and summed to generate the final score. For details of the results and methodology, click here.