Introducing our new Politics and International Relations stream

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Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations)

This new degree covers all aspects of political, cultural and economic relations at both the domestic and international levels. It explores the world-shaping political forces that extend far beyond national boundaries and impact our lives in unexpected ways.

You will engage with contemporary issues such as the Syrian War, nuclear proliferation, the global refugee crisis, the crisis in the international political economy, the implications of Brexit, and what the election of President Trump means for the world, Australia, and you. Politics and International Relations is one of the most exciting and dynamic subjects to study at university, taught by a team
of leading academics and researchers.

The new degree enables students to do both the Politics and International Relations majors and combines them with a set of unique units available only to students that enrol in the dedicated program. These units have been designed to allow students to engage with contemporary issues in Politics and International Relations and to develop the real-world problem-solving skills that are highly valued across all sectors of the global job market.

The fourth year offers students increased opportunities through project units, which encourage students to use their research skills and knowledge to contribute to public debate. Our work placement and interships program provides students with enquiry-based learning activities and the chance to conduct research for organisations in the areas of public policy and international affairs.

The international exchange program will enable you to experience the world and graduate with a truly global perspective. All of these features of the new Politics and International Relations stream facilitate students with various ways of putting their skills and knowledge into practice before leaving university.

Sample pathway: Politics and International Relations stream

progression table

Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Advanced Studies will have the opportunity of completing a fourth year in either Honours, Advanced Coursework, or a Placement in the Politics and International Stream.

Honours pathway

honours pathway

Advanced coursework pathway

advanced coursework pathway

Placement pathway


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