Internship Program (GSOG6006)

The Internship Program is designed to allow international students to put into practice the skills they have learnt in the first four core units of study. Students have the opportunity to make international comparisons between their own agency with whom they are employed and the NSW agency with whom they take the internship (host agency). The student has the challenge through the internship of contributing within a different environment providing the opportunity of reflecting on the input of cultural differences in public administration.

Students will be required to attend their internship for a minimum of twenty days, likely to be twenty consecutive days, following the completion of the 2 core units in the second semester of study; however the format is to be agreed between the student, host agency and GSG. Assessment items include a research or work based project or report for the agency, an internship report and a reflective journal. Supervision will be undertaken by the host agency and the academic coordinator.

Students will not be guaranteed a place in the internship program but every effort will be made to place students in an agency which will contribute to both their academic study and their career. The internship report must be in an area relevant to public administration and relate to the future career aspirations of the student/s concerned.