The GSG Mentoring Program

Mentoring is an effective method for the transfer of professional, technical and management skills. GSG students are assigned a mentor to provide advice and assistance for the duration of their enrolment. Mentors are experienced practitioners from the senior ranks of the Australian public service, private sector, judiciary and political sphere.

Mentors provide general career and development advice, and can be a sounding board on course assignments. Mentors and students should be meeting every six to eight weeks.

The mentor matching process considers the relevant skills of both student and mentor, development issues identified by the sponsor (employer) or the LDA process and any explicit preference by the students as to the skills or experience from which they would benefit.

Students meet their mentors at a special evening function hosted by GSG at the beginning of their course (GDPA, GCPA and MPAdmin). This provides one of many opportunities for students to network with fellow students and mentors.