Work Based Project (GSOG6005)

A project, undertaken individually or with a group, that results in a written report with appropriate supporting material and documentation to aid implementation or progression to approval (for example, a draft Cabinet Minute, ministerial briefing note, internal or external discussion paper). The report should demonstrate primary research, the development of proposals based on independent research and an in-depth examination of the project theme. For students undertaking individual projects the expected length would be 5000 words or less, while group projects would be 10,000 words or less (including supporting and implementation documentation). The project report (about 250 words) must include a Learning Objectives Impact Analysis that demonstrates the manner and extent to which the completed project achieves the general learning objectives identified below for the Work Based Project unit of study. The project must also demonstrate the application of theory and practice with respect to policy development and the assessment of resource impacts of recommendations or proposed actions. The project report must also demonstrate the use of processes and techniques that engage others in consultation and feedback during the evolution of the report and the project. Each project will be assigned both an academic and work-based supervisor, underpinned by a formal commitment to complete the defined scope of the project. Milestones will be identified with feedback provided as the project develops.