NGO Sector

Information for the NGO Sector

Managers and executives working in the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) sector are aware of the need to navigate the public sector in order to deliver the best outcomes for their organisation. As such the NGO sector requires managers and executives with the right leadership qualities and management capabilities.

The Graduate School of Government (GSG) at the University of Sydney runs a professional development management program, the Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (GDPA). Since 2003 senior public servants and their agencies have accessed the GDPA to develop senior management to become public sector leaders. Since 2009 NGOs have also used the GDPA to develop their staff through this program.

Whilst originally designed for the NSW public sector, the GDPA is foremost a management program and is ideal for those working in the NGO sector wanting professional development. The program is grounded in policy, leadership, strategy and financial management and provides the environment for skills development tailored to each participant. Students undertake a work-based capstone project, a 360 degree leadership assessment and a mentoring program, all essential for managers and executives to become self reflective practitioners.

In addition NGO participants will be engaged with senior public servants from the NSW public sector giving the NGO student the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the government sector.

Tuition is fully funded by the NSW Public Service Commission.

Information Session

Professor Gallop will deliver a lecture for public sector and NGO employees on How GSG Can Make a Difference. The lecture will showcase what prospective students can expect from enrolling in the program.

The event will take place on Wednesday 24 July at the University of Sydney, in the new Law School Building on the Camperdown campus at 4.00pm. The lecture will commence at 4.30pm.
After the event a small 20 minute information session will be held for those interested in applying for the GDPA in 2014.

You can RSVP to this event here.