Units of Study

GSOG6002 - Public Sector Leadership

Session 1 Early Census, 2014  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Mr Stephen Mills


Leadership is made by followers and leaders together. It is a story that resolves these questions. What is a leader? What is the difference between leaders and managers? Are leaders made or born? What are the different kinds of leaders? Who follows leaders and why? Is democratic leadership different from other kinds? How is public-sector leadership different from leadership in business or community organisations? Is it different across different cultures? Do men and women lead in the same way? In this unit, we will review and evaluate theories of leadership. Emphasis will be on the application of theories to evidence, including participants' experiences and perceptions of leadership in different contexts. The theme of leaders as facilitators and agents of change will be explored, including real-world examples of what, how and when to make decisions. Similarly, the themes of ethical practice in managing and leading people and shaping organisational culture will be explored.


1500wd leadership evaluation paper (20%), 1000wd and 20min presentation leader in action group project (40%), 3500wd reflective journal (40%).


GSOG6002 unit reader.


1x8-hr seminar/week, 8.30am-4.30pm Friday, weeks 1 to 4 and weeks 8 to 10

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Units of Study - By Program

Master of Public Administration, Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, Graduate Certificate in Public Adminstration

Students complete core units: GSOG6001, GSOG6002, GSOG6003, GSOG6004;
Capstone units: GSOG6005 or GSOG6006.
Electives: GSOG6007, GSOG6008 or those listed in Table B.

ANZSOG Executive Master of Public Administration

Students admitted and enrolled into the EMPA program before 2015 complete the following units of study.
Core units: ANZG6006, ANZG6007, ANZG6008, ANZG6009, ANZG6010, ANZG6011;
Capstone unit: ANZG6012;
Mandatory Finance elective: GSOG6004;
Electives: GSOG6003, GSGO6007, GSOG6008 or those listed in Table B.

Students admitted and enrolled from 2015 are to complete an additional core unit, Managing Public Sector Organisations, and as their capstone unit, Work Based Project (12 credit points).