The Graduate School of Government had a modest yet vibrant research culture built around primary and applied research, undertaken in collaboration with domestic and international partners from universities, government and other public service providers, and international bodies such as the OECD, the IMF and the World Bank.

The research focus of individual academic and professional staff members in GSG complemented and built on the School’s collaborative, capacity-building approach to education and professional engagement. GSG staff members Associate Professor Gaby Ramia, Dr Joanne Kelly, Dr Stephen Mills, and Ms Leanne Howie carried out research in
applied policy and public administration with a focus on identifying problems in governmental capacity, and drawing reform strategies and implications for scholarship.

The findings of GSG’s research were disseminated through traditional scholarly publications - peer-reviewed journals, books, book chapters and conference papers - and in high-level reports advising governments and trans-national governance agencies.

The GSG research agenda covered topics such as social policy, public budgeting and expenditure management, federalism, political campaigns an Australian politics, public management, international and cross-national policy and governance issues, international education, and the governance of human services.

During its fourteen years of operation GSG successfully gained research funding through the Australian Research Council, International Monetary Fund, Government of Canada, Government of South Africa, NSW Electoral Commission, and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.