Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies

The department offers a rich program of four undergraduate majors: Biblical Studies, which offers the opportunity to master methods for understanding how the biblical texts communicated their message in their ancient historical contexts; Classical Hebrew, the language of the Bible and other ancient sources like the Dead Sea Scrolls, which includes the teaching of the ancient Semitic languages of Aramaic and Syriac (we are the only department in Australia to offer a full program in Classical Hebrew); Modern Hebrew, expanding on Hebrew's various historical manifestations while facilitating and nurturing "language in use", and covering issues of contemporary Israeli society and culture; and Jewish Civilisation, Thought and Culture, an interdisciplinary program that aims to provide insight into the rich cultural heritage of a the Jewish people and their significant contributions to broader world culture in both the Christian and later Muslim worlds. We have an outstanding graduate program and offer opportunities for overseas study on exchange.

Our programs are sustained by some generous benefactors] including the Stefan and Felicia Einhorn Bequest, the Henroth Foundation, and numerous sponsors of prizes and scholarships.