Current and recent theses

Jewish Civilisation, Thought and Culture

  • Benji Levy, ‘Faith and Faith: Framing Jewish Identity’, November 2010.
  • Joshua Koonin, ‘Ethnic Advocacy: Private Diplomacy or Public Demonstrations?’ January 2010
  • Niccolo Tofoni ‘The Struggle Against United Nations Resolution 3379: Australian Jewry's Role’ (joint Honours with History), November 2007.
  • Kieran Mitchell, ‘Women in the Israeli military and civil spheres’, November 2006.
  • Elana Kirsh, ‘Meeting the Migrant Challenge: The Ulpan System 1949-1963’, November 2005.

Biblical Studies

  • Stephen Cook, ‘The Purpose of Humour in the Book of Jonah’ (2014)
  • Thomas Russell, ‘Jesus' Philosophy of Law in the Encounter With the Rich Young Ruler: A Textual and Thematic Summary’ (2014)
  • Jonathan Thambyrajah, ‘The Construct Infinitive in the Alpha Text of Esther’ (2014)
  • Natalie Mylonas, 'Fallacies in Scholarship Pertaining to the Socio-Historical Context of John’ (2013)
  • Alexander McCarron, ‘The Origin and Proliferation of Sin and Evil and the Descent of the “Sons of God”’ (2011)
  • Lydia Lee, ‘The "God-less" Masoretic Text of Esther. A Literary Investigation of the Theological Message of the Masoretic Text of Esther in Light of the Septuagint and the Alpha-Text’ (2009)
  • Laura Southam, ‘An Examination of Praise and Lament in Lamentations 3 in the Context of the Biblical Lament Genre’ (2009)
  • Claire May, ‘The Massoretic Text of the First Oracle of Balaam (Num 23: 7-10)’ (2008)
  • Rachelle Gilmour ‘A Literary Study of the Overall Message of the Book of Daniel' (2006)
  • Russell Hobson, ‘The Scribal Systems of Elephantine and Qumran: A Comparative Analysis of Orthography’ (comparative study of scribal techniques in the Dead Sea Scrolls and another ancient corpus) (2005)