Units of Study

HBRW2608 - Hebrew Modern 8

Semester 2, 2012  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Yona Gilead


This unit is an extension of HBRW2607. Students will further improve their communicative skills while consolidating their grammatical knowledge. Special significance is attached to this unit. Upon its completion, students are eligible to be considered for admission to regular studies at the Hebrew University.


1x2hr mid-semester exam (30%), 1x2hr final exam (30%), oral presentations (equivalent to 1000wds) (10%), continuous assessment and class preparation (equivalent to 2000wds) (30%)


Cohen, M. (1992) Hebrew, what a Language (Agada shel Safa), Academon, Jerusalem
Weyl, T., Farstei, H. (1996) HaPo'al le-Lomdei Ivrit (Ramot Gimel Dalet), Academon, Jerusalem
Gedalia, A. ha'Ed ha'Acharon. Gesher series, Jerusalem
Lauden, E., Weinbach, L. (1993) Multi-Dictionary: Bilingual Learners' Dictionary, AD, Tel Aviv


4x1-hr seminars/week


HBRW1301 or HBRW2607



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