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HBRW4011 - Hebrew (Classical) Honours A

Semester 2, 2014  |  Credit Points: 12

Coordinator: Ian Mark Young


The Honours program in Classical Hebrew consists of:
1. a thesis written under the supervision of one or more members of academic staff
2. two seminars in semester 1 and one seminar in semester 2, each two hours per week.

The thesis should be of 15000 words in length. Each seminar requires 5000 words of written work or its equivalent.
The thesis is worth 40% of the final Honours mark and each of the seminars is worth 20%.

The following seminars are on offer in 2014:

Biblical Themes (Dr Ari Lobel)
Biblical Texts in Hebrew (Assoc Prof Ian Young / Dr Ari Lobel)
The Book of Daniel (Assoc Prof Ian Young)

For more information, contact Assoc Prof Ian Young, Honours coordinator.


a thesis of 15000 words in length and 5000 words of written work or its equivalent for each seminar


two seminars in semester 1 and one seminar in semester 2, each two hours per week


Credit average or better in 48 senior credit points from Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies, including completion of the major and consisting of: (HBRW2113 or HBRW2623) and (HBRW2114 or HBRW2624 or HBRW3601) and (HBRW2115 or HBRW2625) and (HBRW2116 or HBRW2626 or HBRW3602) and an additional 24 senior credit points from the department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies.

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