Australian History in the Department of History


Specialist Staff
  • Dr James Curran
    Australian Political and Diplomatic History
  • Professor Stephen Garton
    Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Social and Cultural History – particularly Australia; History of Medicine; History of Crime and Incarceration; History of Sexuality; History of Masculinity
  • Associate Professor Mark McKenna
    Australian history, particularly political and cultural history and Aboriginal history
  • Associate Professor Kirsten McKenzie
    Colonial Australia; social and cultural history; gender history; comparative British colonial identity; scandal; celebrity
  • Professor Peter Read
    Aboriginal Australia, place, oral history
  • Associate Professor Penny Russell
    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century history, with a particular interest in intimate history: family and relationships, love and marriage, the minutiae of social life, the politics of gender; Travel, gender and imperialism in nineteenth-century Australia and Britain; Biography, life writing, subjectivity; Scandal
  • Professor Richard Waterhouse
    Australian cultural history; social and cultural history of rural Australia
Staff with Research Interests related to Australian history

Recent Publications

 Cover of A Swindler's Progress Kirsten McKenzie, A Swindler's Progress: Nobles and Convicts in the Age of Liberty (University of New South Wales Press, 2009)

Cover of The Pursuit of Wonder  Julia Horne, The Pursuit of Wonder: How Australia's landscape was explored, nature discovered and tourism unleashed (Melbourne University Press, 2005)
 Cover of The Vision Splendid  Richard Waterhouse, The Vision Splendid: A Social and Cultural History of Rural Australia (Curtin University Books, 2005)
Cover of On Holidays   Richard White (with Sarah-Jane Ballard, Ingrid Bown, Meredith Lake, Patricia Leehy, Lila Oldmeadow), On Holidays: A History of Getting Away in Australia (Pluto, 2005)


First Year Units of Study
  • HSTY1088 Australia: Colonies to Nation
Senior Units of Study
Postgraduate Seminars
  • HSTY5906 Love in Australian Society
  • HSTY6945 Australian Cultural History: Problems
Recent Honours Theses

Research Projects

Postgraduate Study

Recently Completed PhDs
  • Thalia Anthony, The ghost of feudalism : Aboriginal land and labour dependencies in the northern Australian cattle industry (2004)
  • David Ayres, National insecurity? : The influence of domestic politics and the American alliance on Australia's approach to China, 1949-1972 (2004)
  • Julia Baird, Housewife superstars : female politicians and the Australian print media, 1970-1990 (2001)
  • Kate Bagnall, Golden shadows on a white land : an exploration of the lives of white women who partnered Chinese men and their children in southern Australia, 1855-1915 (2006)
  • Ruth Balint, Troubled waters : Australian maritime expansion in the Timor Sea (2003)
  • Melissa Bellanta, An ideal synthesis: agrarianism & the utopian imagination in Australia, 1884-1900 (2005)
  • Jennifer Donovan, The intellectual traditions of Australian feminism : women's clubs and societies, 1890-1920 (2004)
  • Derelie Ann Evely, Alexander Macleay and his contribution to colonial New South Wales (2003)
  • Catie M. Gilchrist, Male convict sexuality in the penal colonies of Australia 1820-1850 (2004)
  • Laina Hall, The long way home: a history of motor touring in Australia 1925-2004 (2005)
  • Melissa Harper, The ways of the bushwalker : bushwalking in Australia, 1788-1940 (2002)
  • Claire Hooker, Not a job in the ordinary sense : women and science in Australia (2001)
  • Sascha Jenkins, Our Harbour: a cultural history of Sydney Harbour 1880-1938 (2004)
  • Caroline Jones, Australian imprint : the influence of George Robertson on a national narrative (1890-1935) (2004)
  • Catherine Kevin, A genealogy of pregnancy in medicine and the law : Australia 1945-2000 (2003)
  • Jill Levenberg, Unequal allies : law, psychiatry and the administration of criminal justice in New South Wales, c. 1880 to 1960 (2003)
  • Maggie Pickering, Core of my heart, my country : women's sense of place and the land in Australia and Canada, 1828-1950 (2001)
  • Leanne Piggott, An ideal betrayed : Australia, Britain and the Palestine question 1947-1949 (2002)
  • Peter Quinn, Unenlightened efficiency : the administration of the juvenile correction system in New South Wales, 1905-1988 (2004)
  • Matthew Reason, It all depends on the land: identity, myth and landscape at Uluru and Mount Rushmore (2006)
  • Zora Simic, A hall of selective mirrors : feminism, history and identity 1919-1969 (2003)
  • John A. Tebbutt, Through Australian eyes : a cultural history of the foreign correspondent (2002)
  • D. Trudinger, The comfort of men : a critical history of managerial and professional men in post-war modernisation, Australia 1945-1965 (2004)
  • Anne Vidal, Representing Australia Identity 2000-2001: the Sydney Olympic Games and the Centenary of Federation Celebrations (co-tutelle with Paris IV-Sorbonne) (2005)
Current PhDs
  • Jill Barnes, The History of Tourism in Central Australia
  • Diana Covell, Women versus BHP: A Study of the Wollongong 'Jobs for Women Campaign' (1980-1994) and its Canadian comparison, the Hamilton 'Women Back Into STELCO' Campagn (1979-1980)
  • Caroline Ford, The Emergence of Popular Beach Culture in Sydney
  • Geoff Howarth, The Role of Professor R G Howarth in the Australian Literary Network
  • Nina Koutts, Chinatowns as Generic Tourist Sites
  • Meredith Lake, Protestant Visions of the Australian Landscape
  • Maya Le, A Cultural History of Buddhism in Australia
  • Toby Martin, Yodelling Boundary Riders: Country Music in Australia
  • Tony Moore, Australia’s Bohemian Tradition
  • Katy Nebhan, Australian Muslim Masculinities
  • Émilie Paquin, Social Hygiene Movement in New South Wales and Central Canada: A Comparative History of Two Organisations, 1919-1939
  • Olwen Pryke, Australia House and the Australian Abroad
  • Alex Roberts, The Development of Community Facilities in Sydney and Melbourne since 1945
  • Agnieszka Sobocinska, Australian Tourism in Asia since 1940
  • Mathew Trinca, Part of the Pageant: Australian Tourists in London after World War 2


Australian History Resources


History Australia

In 2008 Penny Russell and Richard White assumed the editorship of History Australia, the official journal of the Australian Historical Association. The journal aims to reflect the concerns, publish the research and increase the professional self-awareness of historians making, teaching and applying history, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. It publishes refereed articles that draw on new historical research or address ways of teaching, exhibiting or applying historical knowledge. Contributions are invited on all geographical regions, not just Australasian; local, national, international, imperial and colonial histories; and research using textual, oral and visual sources.

History Australia is published by Monash University ePress, in both print and digital versions. Both versions include a generous number of illustrations, appearing in colour online. The digital version can also carry sound bites and video clips and we encourage contributors to bear these capabilities in mind. Where materials cited in History Australia such as journal articles are already available online, the full text may be accessible directly from the citation in History Australia; articles published in History Australia will be similarly available from the text of other online journals.

News and Events



  • Professor Marilyn Lake (La Trobe University)
    Presenting a paper in the department research seminar, lecturing in HSTY 1088 Australian History: An Introduction; HSTY 2902 Writing the Past; HSTY2019 Australia to 1888; HSTY3092 Family and Romance in Modern Australia and acting as a discussant at a day of postgraduate presentations on research in Australian history
  • Professor Stuart Macinytre (University of Melbourne)
    Presenting a paper in the department research seminar and lecturing