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Helen Dunstan, State or Merchant? Political Economy and Political Process in 1740s China. (Cambridge (Mass.): Harvard University Asia Center, 2006. 523 pp.)

John Wong, Deadly Dreams: Opium, Imperialism and the ‘Arrow’ War (1856-60) in China. (Cambridge University Press, 1998 (xxvii + 542 pp)).

Articles & Book Chapters

Helen Dunstan, “Inconvenient Confucianism and the Construction of Heroes in Recent Chinese Reportage: A Banned Investigation into China's Peasantry”. Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 22, no. 1 (2010): 1–58.

Helen Dunstan, “If Chen Yun Had Written about Her ‘Lesbianism’: Rereading the Memoirs of a Bereaved Philanderer.” Asia Major 20, no. 2 (2007): 103–22.

Helen Dunstan, “Shilun liuyang zisong zhidu zai Qianlong chao de yishi feichu” 试论留养资送制度在乾隆朝的一时废除 (On the Qianlong-period suspension of the system of reception centers and assisted passage home for famine refugees). In Tian you xiongnian: Qingdai zaihuang yu Zhongguo shehui 天有凶年:清代灾荒与中国社会 (Heaven sends some bad years: natural disasters and Chinese society during the Qing dynasty), ed. Li Wenhai and Xia Mingfang (Beijing: Sanlian shudian, 2007), pp. 112–45.

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  • E Chung, "A threatening peace: Taiwanese separatism and its contribution to China's Anti-Secessionist Law" (2004)
  • D. Wain, "Real or Imagined? A Study of Three Perceived Threats to Chinese National Security Emanating from Hong Kong" (2003)
  • C. Mitchell, "Arming The Dragon: China's Military Capabilities" (2001)

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