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Crowns and Colonies: Monarchies and Colonial Empires

Queen Victoria

An international conference convened by Robert Aldrich and Cindy McCreery

With a keynote address by Professor Miles Taylor, Director of the Institute for Historical Research, University of London, on Queen Victoria and India.

Department of History,
11-13 June 2014

From the time of Alexander the Great and the Roman Caesars down to the empire of Queen Victoria and beyond, monarchism and imperialism have often been linked – indeed, republican colonial empires have been notable exceptions in international history. Napoleon III dreamed of constructing an ‘Arab kingdom’, Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India, King Leopold created his own realm the Congo, and Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel III was named Emperor of Ethiopia. Even today the Commonwealth of Nations is bound together by the figure of the British monarch, and the Danish queen reigns over Greenland and the Faeroe Islands.

Tethering the Past: University of Sydney Postgraduate History Conference
conference image

28-29 November, 2013
Quadrangle A14

The annual History postgraduate conference at the University of Sydney, run by postgrads for postgrads. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to present your work in a friendly atmosphere and to gain useful input from staff and fellow postgraduates.

Registration will be in the Main Quadrangle Cloisters, near the Jacaranda (A14)

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Sea Stories: Maritime Landscapes, Cultures and Histories conference

12-14 June 2013
Maritime landscapes and communities are essential to understanding the historical, cultural and environmental trajectories that have configured the Asia-Pacific world. Oceans, seas and coastlines shaped, and were in turn shaped by, peoples and cultures. Indigenous/European engagements created sites of conflict, negotiation and compromise, and facilitated networks of trade and exchange, producing stories, objects and memories. How does attention to the maritime dimension help us to understand these relationships? The conference ‘Sea Stories: Maritime Landscapes, Cultures and Histories’ will provide a forum for examining the complex interactions of peoples, places, environments and cultures across the maritime landscapes of Australasia and the Pacific. The conference will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines (e.g. Archaeology, Anthropology, Heritage, History, Literature, Environmental Studies) who work on the landscapes and cultures of the sea. The conference aims to highlight the important interdisciplinary work being carried out on maritime cultures, societies, histories and landscapes across the region. As a key maritime centre for Indigenous peoples, settlers and visitors, and home to several major Australian institutions for maritime research (e.g. the Australian National Maritime Museum, the University of Sydney) Sydney is an ideal venue for this conference.

For more information, please contact the conference organiser:
Dr Annie Clarke: