Early Modern European History in the Department of History


Specialist Staff
  • Dr Nicholas Eckstein
    Social and cultural history of Late-Medieval, Renaissance and Early-Modern Italy, especially Florence. Neighbourhood and social interaction; popular religion and lay devotion; daily life; urban culture; the social context of art.
  • Associate Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice
    Early Modern British, European and Atlantic history, intellectual history, the history of political thought, and the history of colonisation.
  • Dr John Gagné
    Early modern Europe, print news, collecting, and war, local-global connections in premodernity, gender, consumerism, consumption, and food
Staff with Research Interests related to Early Modern European history

Recent Publications

Book cover

Andrew Fitzmaurice, Humanism and America: An intellectual history of English colonisation, 1500-1625. (Ideas in Context; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2003).


Junior Units of Study
  • HSTY1031 Renaissance and Reformation
Senior Units of Study
  • HSTY2645 Invisible Cities: Imagining Urban Italy
  • HSTY2647 Renaissance Italy
  • HSTY2650 European Conquests 1500-1700
  • HSTY2660 Violence in Italy
  • HSTY2686: Food, Environment, and Culture in Europe (1300-1800)
Postgraduate Seminars
  • HSTY6985 Perspectives on the Italian Renaissance

Research Projects

Postgraduate Study

Recently Completed PhDs
  • Kit Candlin, Making empires work : transnational fluidity and the politics of advantage in the Atlantic world 1790-1820 (2009)
  • Catherine England, The use of children in Renaissance Florence (2006)
  • N. P. J. Gordon, On Fictive Space (2010)
  • Jean Riley, Censorship of the print trade in Tudor England (2004)
Current PhDs
  • Kate Colleran
    Sound and Culture in the Renaissance: an 'Acoustemology' of Florentine and Sienese Society
  • Patricia Leehy
    Expatriate and Outsider Communities in Renaissance and Early-Modern Florence