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Events from 6 July, 2015

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  • 13th July, 2015
    10 am - 12 noon.

    Professor Éric Palazzo: Art, Liturgy and the Five Senses in the Middle Ages

    Kevin Lee room
    Quadrangle Building A14
    University of Sydney

    The presentation will explore several aspects of the theology of the five senses as developed in Christianity during Antiquity and the Middle ages. It will consider both the liturgy and performance of the medieval Church’s rituals as the most appropriate locus to express the theology of the five senses and their implication in the efficacy of sacraments. Visual representations of the liturgy will be analysed to bring light on the way they reflect this theology of the five senses.

  • 29th July, 2015
  • 18th August, 2015
  • 17th September, 2015 to 18th September, 2015

    Thinking Labour Rights through the 'Coolie Question'

    Symposium to be held as part of the Laureate Research Program in International History, University of Sydney, Australia

    This symposium sets out to re-think histories of labour rights within the context of economic internationalism.  It suggests that there is now a need to broaden and re-think the field of labour rights history and that one way to do this is by focusing on the global response to the problem of coolie trade, what became known as the 'coolie question,’ in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The period of the coolie trade extends from approximately the early 1840s – one consequence of the ending of slavery in the British empire - to the 1920s. The idea behind the coolie trade was a simple one. It sought to extract labour from China, India and the Pacific Islands and transport it to locations across the world, where it was in short supply, through systems of indenture. However the system that developed was widely condemned as inefficient, exploitative and often as akin to slavery.
    The workshop will feature three keynote speakers:

    Associate Professor Moon Ho-Jung (University of Washington)
    Professor Mae Ngai (Colombia University)
    Professor Leon Fink (University of Illinois) 
    We welcome papers on the following themes:
    · Free and unfree labour
    · Labour and Empire
    · Economic internationalism and free trade liberalism
    · The ‘coolie question’ as a methodological category
    · Slavery and imperial migration schemes
    · Comparative labour history
    · Asian migration and labour rights
    · Gender and labour rights
    Abstracts should be sent to Sophie Loy-Wilson by April 30th 2015.
    This workshop will be co-conveyed by Prof Marilyn Lake (University of Melbourne) and Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson (University of Sydney)