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Specialist Staff
  • Dr Lynette Olson
    Medieval Cornwall and Brittany; Overall history of Europe in the Early Middle Ages; Christian Conversion of Europe as cultural change
  • Dr Julie Ann Smith
    Medieval women - monasticism, saints, literature by/for women; pilgrimage
Staff with Research Interests related to Medieval European history

Recent Publications

Book Cover

Lynette Olson, The Early Middle Ages: The Birth of Europe (Palgrave, 2006)

  • Julie Ann Smith, ‘“What Now Lies Before Their Eyes”: The Foundations of Early Pilgrim Visuality’, Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, 4 (2007)
  • Julie Ann Smith, ‘“My Lord’s Native Land”: Mapping the Christian Holy Land’, Church History 76:1 (2007), 1-31.
  • Lynette Olson, 'The Absorption of Cornwall into Anglo-Saxon England', in Pamela O’Neill (ed.), Between Intrusions: Britain and Ireland between the Romans and the Normans, Sydney Series in Celtic Studies, 7, 2004, pp. 94-102.


First Year Units of Study
  • HSTY1025 The Middle Ages, 500-1500
Senior Units of Study
  • HSTY2664 Communicating Culture in the Middle Ages
  • HSTY2665 Festival and Faith
  • HSTY2668 The Rise and Fall of the First Reich
  • ANHS2608 The World Turned Upside Down (with Dr Peter Brennan of Ancient History)
Recent Honours Theses
  • Claire Crawford, "The Christianisation of the Germanic law codes: 400 to 1050" (2007)
  • Sarah Elizabeth Young, "The Other Side of the Motte: The impact of Anglo-Norman-centrism on our understanding of the native Welsh castle" (2007)
  • H. Lahteela, "Unwanted Husbands and Adultery: Medieval Marriage in the Twelfth-Century Tristan and Isolde Legend" (2006)

Research Projects

Postgraduate Study

Recently Completed PhDs
  • Joanna Crawford, Clothing connections : dress and social life in late medieval England, 1300-1500 (2003)
  • Bronwyn Ledgard, Early Celtic notions of time : reconsidering 'the Celtic year' (2007)
Current PhDs

Fergusson Elliott, The Late Medieval Castle and the Wars of the Roses


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